Hancock 21   Picayune 0   submitted by Kristi Mitchell 

Picayune managed only two hits one coming in the first off the bat of Malissa Fowler. The other a stand up
double that one hopped the fence by Hope Guidry. Picayune gave up 5 hits in the game but allowed 14
walks and two hit batsmen.

The Lady Tide returns to action Thursday against Bay High at home.

A Message from Coach Kristi Mitchell

   Lady Tide Softball has been my heart and soul now for seven (7) years.   I was given the opportunity

to become the Head Coach in 1997 and I have made it my passion.   Although I have only been the Head

Coach for those seven years, I have actually coached ten seasons in a combination of slow pitch and fast

pitch softball at Picayune.

   Throughout these ten seasons, I have coached some great teams and many extraordinary young ladies.

I have always been blessed with extremely talented ballplayers who come from well-coached summer

programs. Many of these players have continued on the Junior College Level as well as Division I.  I am

very proud of each young lady who has worn the Maroon and White of the Lady Tide,

but at this moment I do not  think I have ever been more proud of a group of young ladies as I am right now.

   Webster's dictionary defines effort as " something achieved by exertion or hard work; an earnest or
strenuous attempt ".  I define effort as what I witnessed tonight (Monday) in two hours of softball between

the Picayune Lady Tide and the Hancock Hawks.  Picayune was handed their first division loss of the

season in a sound 21 - 0 beating by Hancock.  But don't hang your heads Lady Tide Fans, because these

young ladies played in a way that would make any coach, parent or fan proud. These girls could have

hung their heads and given up, but they instead played for each other.

   After giving up six runs, pitcher Kasey Mitchell went out with an injury following the first inning. 

Allison Bynum, known to most as "Dink", comes in to pitch the second inning and part of the third. 

Krystal Penton relieves Dink in the third and completes inning number four.  Between the three

pitchers, they only allowed 5 hits.  How did they get so many runs ? Well, we walked fourteen.

But if you know anything about fast pitch softball it is not a skill you pick up overnight. It is something

you work day in and day out on.

   For Dink and Krystal to step up and fill that role, they should be commended.  What the defense did

behind them should also be commended. Tara Dunn, Breonne Spikes and Amanda "Load" Feeley, played

extraordinary defense in the outfield, making great catches, quick relays and hustle plays. The infield

comprised of Allison Bynum (now playing third), Malissa Fowler at short stop (filling in for an injured

Courtney Dickens), Hope Guidry at 2nd base (filling in for Fowler), Penton on the mound, Amanda

Stevens playing first base and Kristin Fleming behind the plate.  Four of the six were playing out of

position, yet they held their own. These young ladies played as though they were in the game every

second. They kept their spirit alive, the "Dugout Crunk" as they would say, and a smile on their face.

   What will happen in the next 9 games? Who will play what position? These are questions we will

answer in time. The injuries will hopefully heal, but one thing stands for sure there is a lot of heart on

this Lady Tide Softball Team.  I am proud of those who stepped up to the challenge to play this year

knowing it would be a rebuilding year and I am proud of the ones who remain.
You truly are PLAYERS!